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ArtinA's renewable energies engineering and trading company, in order to develop the use of solar energy, was registered on 1 April 2018 year in Tehran and started its activities in the design and implementation of solar power plants as well as supplying equipment related to the industry. ArtinA has become a knowledge based company since November 2018 and looking forward to develop the usage of renewable energies in the country. 
Founder and CEO of this collection is graduated in 2002 in the field of materials science&engineering from Sharif University of Technology, MA in 2004 in the same field from Sharif University of Technology and received her specialized PhD in 2018 with an excellent score from Sharif University of Technology Kish International campus in the field of fabrication and characterization of carbon based solar cells.


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Address 1: No. 5, Nesa St., Mirdamad blvd, Tehran, IRAN.
P.O.B: 1911735378


A 10kw solar power plant designed&Run by ArtinA

Our Projects

An On-grid 10kw solar Power plant made by Taban Pannels and Omnik Inverter

Well designed and producing 9.88 kw with almost no shade.

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About us

The ArtinA Renewable Energy Engineering and Commerce Company, is a knowledge based company, has been registered in Tehran for the purpose of developing the use of renewable energy, especially solar energy. The company also is ready to carry out joint research projects with universities and research institutes in the field of the construction of the third generation solar cells , Perovskite Solar cells&panels.




ArtinA - IRAN Company
Tehran, Mirdamad Blvd.

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